Switch Rod School

Fly Fishing Traditions Switch Rod School

Fly Fishing Traditions is proud to offer a Switch Rod School that will take place on the beautiful Lower Yuba River. This class will enable you to develop the trout and steelhead skills using a switch rod.
The students will learn techniques such as the dead drift indicators, tight line nymphing, two handed casts that you can use with a switch rod or spey rod. The Switch Rod School will give the students the confidence, skills and knowledge to tackle trout and steelhead with a switch rod anywhere in Northern California. The two day schools also gives the students crucial one on one time with the instructors. The course is designed for the intermediate to advanced students.

School Dates

What You Will Learn

The students will progress through a series of practice casts to hone your "Forward Cast". You will learn about "D Loops", "The 180 Degree Principle" and "Line Stick", principals of all spey casting. You will learn the change or directions casts, which one to use from what side of the river, when the wind is blowing from what direction and why.

You'll learn how to rigg a Switch Rod, when to use an integrated line like a RIO Switch Line and when you might use a Scandi or a Skagit head on a running line. 

You'll learn how to present the flies in a fishing situation and what flies to use at what time of year.

The List of Casts

The casts that will be taught including the whys and when are;

  • The Roll Cast as a practice and practical cast
  • The Switch Cast as a practice and practical cast
  • The Double Spey Cast
  • The Single Spey cast
  • The Snap T Cast
  • The Snap Z Cast
  • The Snake Roll Cast
  • The Perry Poke Cast.
Table Top Classroom and Educational Handouts

The Switch Rod School will be structured with table top classroom discussions with educational handouts for each student to follow and take home as references for late.

The handouts to be distributed to all the students are;
  • FFT's "Switch Rod Basics" which covers the the rods, reels, lines, heads and tips for a switch rod
  • FFT's "Spey Casting Primer" which details the principals of spey casting as well as detailed instrucions of the principals of each spey cast
  • FFT's " Switch Rod Tactics" which details the how to's and the why's of fishing with a switch rod.

FFT Switch Rod School Details
  • Cost $240.00 per student for the two day school. Price includes lunches, snacks and beverages!
  • Outdoor tabletop classroom for classwork.
  • Switch Rods, Reels and Lines  provided upon request.
  • Each day will include a BBQ lunch, snacks and beverages.
  • 3 FFT Published Booklets are included.
  • The Switch Rod School will be structured with one instructor for each 4 students.
  • The School will have a maximum number of 8 students.
  • This schools is an "In Depth Instruction" on switch rod tactics and techniques.
Sign Up for the Switch Rod School

Sign up for the Stillwater School by;

(a) Call Clay at 530-913-1334  to ask any questions or to reserve a space.
(b) Mail Clay at; Fly Fishing Traditions - 13572 Green Lane - Grass Valley, CA 95945
(c) Email Clay at hashcon@comcast.net Email Clay Hash Make a note that you are signing up or want more information of the June 23rd and 24th Stillwater School.

Thanks, Clay